Introduction of a Statutory Registration Scheme

Consultation opened on 03 July 2014. Closing date 24 October 2014.


This consultation proposes the introduction of a Statutory Registration Scheme for all providers of publicly funded legal services in Northern Ireland. The proposals will contribute to the provision of assurance, to both the public and government, that those who receive public funding for the delivery of legal services provide the appropriate level, and quality, of service to their clients and to the public purse.


Consultation description

The proposals flow from the Access to Justice Review Report 2011.  The Registration Scheme will help provide the necessary assurance on the use of public funding by ensuring that all those registered to provide legal services:

  • sign up to a Code of Practice
  • commit to a minimum standard of service delivery and record keeping
  • facilitate audits of compliance
  • are subject to sanctions for non-compliance

Consultation report can be view at the following link;

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