Prison reform


The work of the Prison Reform Team to deliver the recommendations of the Owers ‘Review of the Northern Ireland Prison Service’ report along with the Prison Review Oversight Group reports.

Prison Reform Team (PRT) programme

NIPS Programme Reform Team (PRT) is the overall programme that has been established to deliver the 40 recommendations in the Owers ‘Review of the Northern Ireland Prison Service’ Report and the work from the Strategic Efficiency and Effectiveness (SEE) Programme.

The Owers Final Report was published on October 2011 and highlighted the need for end to end change across the Prison System in Northern Ireland. It identified how NIPS needs to change and set a clear direction of travel. NIPS PRT is the vehicle which is delivering the change envisaged by the Owers Team.

PRT is due to complete its work by end of March 2015. 

Prison Review Oversight Group Reports

The Minister of Justice established the Prison Review Oversight Group to provide critical analysis of progress to date, on the Prison Review Team recommendations, and suggestions for improvement.  

Following each meeting of the Group a summary report is provided to the Justice Committee and these are published for information.

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How to request information from the Department of Justice including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme.

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