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In March 2013, the Lord Chief Justice in England and Wales proposed to the Lord Chancellor that there be a “moratorium”, which would protect the position of potential claimants without requiring them to present their claims.

Published 20 May 2013Notices

The Department of Justice (DOJ), together with its statutory and voluntary sector partners represented on the Victim and Witness Steering Group is developing a new five year strategy for victims and witnesses of crime.

Published 20 May 2013Consultation reports

This bulletin documents the results from the organised crime module in the January 2013 Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey.

Published 17 May 2013Research and analysis

This Charter outlines Youth Justice Agency commitment to victims of crime committed by young people who we are working with.

Published 14 May 2013Corporate reports

This circular sets out how AccessNI will consider applications for Enhanced checks in respect of volunteers from 3 May 2013.

Published 03 May 2013Circulars

The role of the Prison Service Pay Review Body is to provide independent advice on the remuneration of governing governors and operational managers, prison officers and support grades in the England and Wales Prison Service.

Published 02 May 2013Independent reports

A regular Youth Justice Agency publication to raise awareness of the work of the Agency amongst stakeholders.

Published 01 May 2013Promotional material

Reference LSC 11-13 – advises practitioners of new procedures to be followed when prior authority is required to engage the services of an expert, with effect from 07 May 2013, in criminal cases only; and also includes the corresponding form and guidance.

Published 22 April 2013Circulars

This circular sets out the new AccessNI policy in terms of how complaints and disputes will be handled.

Published 19 April 2013Circulars

Freedom of information request and disclosure relating to how much it costs per year, on average to keep someone in prison.

Published 03 April 2013FOI/EIR responses

Freedom of information request disclosure relating to telephone and internet services fixed line and WAN.

Published 01 April 2013FOI/EIR responses

Freedom of information request and disclosure relating to square metres space available per prisoner. Prison population per prison.

Published 29 March 2013FOI/EIR responses

This circular is an update of ANI Circular 1/2013 and will inform you of the current position in respect of AccessNI’s Basic and standard / enhanced disclosure application forms.

Published 26 March 2013Circulars

Customer service guide relating to prison visits scheme and contribution towards travel costs.

Published 23 March 2013Guidance literature

Freedom of information request disclosure relating to the costs for prisoner’s private telephone calls. 

Published 21 March 2013FOI/EIR responses

This update presents the most recent statistics on the level of public confidence in policing and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland as well as public perceptions of anti-social behaviour. 

Published 13 March 2013Research and analysis

AccessNI has established a small group of representatives from Registered Bodies to discuss preparations for the introduction of imminent and planned change initiatives. This Forum meets 3-4 times a year. 

Published 12 March 2013Agendas and minutes

This circular is to inform you of the changes to AccessNI’s basic and standard / enhanced disclosure application forms.

Published 12 March 2013Circulars

Circular LSC 09-13 – First tier tribunal appeals advises that with effect from 20 March 2013, it is no longer a prerequisite for practitioners to submit evidence of an appeal date in their application for legal aid, for appeals to the first tier tribunal immigration and

Published 12 March 2013Circulars

A booklet compiled by the YJA Parents Support Group to let other parents in similar situations know they are not alone and that there are people and services who are willing and able to help them through this difficult time.

Published 08 March 2013Independent reports

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