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This Newsletter provides an update of the changes within AccessNI

Published 02 October 2012Circulars

The Minister of Justice established the Prison Review Oversight Group to provide critical analysis of progress to date, on the Prison Review Team recommendations, and suggestions for improvement.

Published 01 October 2012Corporate reports

Each annual report sets out an assessment of human trafficking in the UK by the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group on Human Trafficking (IDMG), recognising that human trafficking is an international crime that touches people and communities all over the world.

Published 01 October 2012Impact assessments

The Framework Document sets out the arrangements for the governance, accountability, financing, staffing and operation of the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

Published 01 October 2012Development plan/framework

This update presents the most recent statistics on the level of public confidence in policing and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland as well as public perceptions of anti-social behaviour. 

Published 28 September 2012Research and analysis

This bulletin presents convictions data for all courts, magistrates’ court and the Crown Court which are broken down by calendar year, crime category and gender for 2007 & 2008.

Published 28 September 2012Research and analysis

Northern Ireland Prison Service Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2012

Published 28 August 2012Financial plans and reports

Joint Action Plan published to deliver on the objectives of the “Tackling Violence at Home” Strategy (published October 2005) and the “Tackling Sexual Violence and Abuse” Strategy (published June 2008). 

Published 24 August 2012Development plan/framework

This note reminds Registered and Umbrella Bodies of these changes, what the change means and how you complete the AccessNI Disclosure Application from 10 September 2012.

Published 22 August 2012Notices

This update presents the most recent statistics on the level of public confidence in policing and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland as well as public perceptions of anti-social behaviour.

Published 01 August 2012Research and analysis

This report presents workload statistics for the last five financial years for the operational directorates of the Youth Justice Agency (YJA). From 2007 to 2011 this includes Youth Conference and Community Services and the Custodial Services.

Published 26 July 2012Statistical reports

Building Safer, Shared and Confident Communities’ sets the direction for reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime in Northern Ireland over the next five years.

Published 26 July 2012Corporate reports

The Northern Ireland Prison Service (N.I.P.S) uses a facility named the Prisoner Assessment Unit as a base from which to test life sentence and long term prisoners in the community.

Published 11 July 2012Corporate reports

Consultation report on proposals to vary the firearm licensing fees and other miscellaneous amendments.

Published 05 July 2012Consultation reports

The role of the Board is to assess arrangements for the control, management and operation of the local DNA database and criminal DNA profiling, assessing compliance with relevant legislation, and that practice and procedures are developed in line with national o

Published 03 July 2012Policy papers

The three main objectives of this action plan are:  Improving access to justice, Bringing legal aid expenditure within budget and Improving governance and accountability of legal aid.

Published 02 July 2012Development plan/framework

This Newsletter provides an update on changes within AccessNI

Published 01 July 2012Circulars

This bulletin is based on findings from the 2009/10 and 2010/11 Northern Ireland Crime Surveys (NICS).

Published 28 June 2012Research and analysis

Freedom of information request and disclosure relating to IT employee numbers.

Published 14 June 2012FOI/EIR responses

This Business Plan looks forward over the next year and maps out how NIPS will progress the vision set by the Review Team.

Published 08 June 2012Business plans

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