R & S Bulletin 28/2017 - Youth Justice Agency Annual Workload Statistics 2016/17

Date published: 28 September 2017

This report presents workload statistics for the last five financial years for both Custodial Services (Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre, JJC) and Youth Justice Services (YJS) within the Youth Justice Agency (YJA). Area statistics in this report are produced in terms of the 11 Local Government Districts that became operational in April 2015. This ensures that consistent data can be produced on an annual basis for comparison purposes. This will also facilitate comparison with other data sources such as PSNI recorded crime information or NI population data. The publication continues to provide descriptive analysis of trends on a range of demographics, including some Section 75 characteristics and care information.


Correction:  We have updated this document as there was an error in transcribing the figure for the highest daily population in the text of Page 3, paragraph 1 (03/10/2017).

We have updated this document and the associated tables as there was an error in table 13 in the figure for the number of young people in custody who were from outside Northern Ireland.

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