Digest of information on the criminal justice system spring 2012

Date published: 05 April 2012

This is the "Spring 2012 - Volume Four" edition of the Digest of Information on the Northern Ireland Criminal Justice System. Its aim is to present, in a user-friendly way, a comprehensive picture of key statistics relating to crime and justice in Northern Ireland. The majority of the statistics presented in this edition refer to either the 2010/11 financial year or the 2011 calendar year, although certain data refer to earlier periods where no updates are yet available. 


A second edition was published on 31 July 2012 to correct figures on the number of Probation Orders (last paragraph p79) and Community Service Orders (first paragraph p80) made in 2010/11 and 2009/10.

In 2010/11 PBNI altered the methodology for calculating the Point in Time Caseload figures. In the 1st edition the figures reported in the section on Community Sentences (Chapter 9 P79 and 80) were adjusted to retrospectively reflect this new methodology; however the figures reported in the above paragraphs had not been revised accordingly. 

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