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Here you will find information on Youth Justice Agency's statistic and research publications.

The statistics in this bulletin are produced using two different methods. The first method looks at the workload of the Youth Justice Agency (YJA). Workload statistics for custodial services (Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre, JJC) measure the number of admissions to, and status changes within, the JJC, whilst workload statistics for Youth Justice Services (YJS) measure the number of referrals. These statistics show the annual total workload of the YJA.

The second method has been developed to look specifically at the number of individual young people involved with the YJA on an annual basis. A young person is counted on their first involvement with each individual business area, Youth Justice Services (YJS) and JJC, within the given year. Therefore each young person will only be counted once within each of the two business areas, in any given financial year. For example, a young person who has been in contact with both Custodial Services and YJS in 2017/18 will be counted once in the Custodial Services statistics and once in the YJS statistics for 2017/18.

Both methods produce very different statistics; however both are important when analysing the work of the Agency.

YJA Annual Workload Statistics

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