Here you will find information on the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Code of Practice for official statistics

Analytical Services Group (ASG) is a producer of official statistics.  Some of the products produced by ASG are designated as ‘National Statistics’, bearing the National Statistics logo. These are a subset of official statistics which have been certified by the UK Statistics Authority as being compliant with its Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Further information on Official and National Statistics can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website.

Our policies and procedures for the production and release of official statistics are detailed in the following documents.

The following document contains a record of the recent statistical releases to which these arrangements apply, as well as the job titles of all those persons to whom pre-release access has been granted, and the organisations to which they belong.

All DoJ SRB statistical products undergo regular quality assurance reviews to ensure that they meet customer needs. They are produced free from any political interference.

In line with the UK Statistics Authority code of practice the following statements are also published.

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