Prisons 2020

Prisons 2020 The Way forward sets out how we will continue to improve and play our part in building a safer community.

The aim of Prisons 2020 is to ensure NIPS is structured and resourced to provide an efficient, effective, modern and affordable service which is focused on the development of our staff and is capable of rehabilitating those placed in our care.

The Consultation


The Prisons 2020 discussion exercise was launched on 21 July 2017 and concluded on 29 September 2017. During that period over 30 staff focus groups took place, with almost 200 staff taking part from across all business areas.

Twenty one prisoner discussion groups were also held throughout establishments. Externally, meetings took place with a range of key stakeholders including political parties, staff associations, service providers and prisoner families. Sixty four written submissions were received also from groups and individuals, including staff.


Using the responses received, the NIPS Senior Management Team analysed the information to identify the key strategic priorities across each of the strands. These were determined by both the volume of responses and the impact the issues raised would have on the Service.

Work then began with Governors, operational managers and policy leads on developing strategic statements to set the direction for each of these priorities and outline where we would like the Service to be by March 2021.

Prisons 2020 The Way Forward

The Strategic Overview will be the road map for the Prisons 2020 programme.

Underpinning the strategic overview will be delivery plans, which will be developed annually. These will set out the actions which will be taken to work towards our strategic vision and the clear milestones to be achieved. This will enable us to monitor progress towards achieving our overall aims.

We acknowledge that we cannot do this alone and we have held discussions with our delivery partners to share the vision of Prisons 2020 and outline the key role they will play in helping us to deliver this.  Further information on Prisons 2020 is available at Prisons/publications 


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