LAMS - Barrister SMS service

Details of the SMS service provided by the Legal Services Agency for barristers, including how to subscribe and unsubscribe.

The LAMS barrister SMS service is for external users of LAMS and has been set up to provide an additional communication channel to receive time critical messages relating to system access and availability.

To receive messages from this service you will need to subscribe to the service. 

Subscribe by texting the word BARRISTER to 67300. 


Users can opt out at anytime by texting the word STOPBARRISTER to 67300.


Please note - All text messages to subscribe or unsubscribe will be charged at your network operator’s standard rate. 


There is no charge for receiving texts from this service while in the UK.


Further Information

This SMS Service holds information securely and in an unidentifiable way.  For further details on how LSA process information please refer to the LSA privacy notice.

SMS messages from this service will be no longer that 160 characters.  Therefore, LSA on occasions, may need to refer the recipient to further information provided on the LSA website.  In such an instance, a short link will be provided such as (a link to this page).  If you are concerned about the validity of any short link you are sent from this service you can use a free link checking service such as 'Checkshorturl' []

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